Big Fat Story Pack #1

Big Fat Story Pack #1 contains four fat filled stories spanning 126 pages and clocking in at over 60,000 words of weight gain goodness. Below are brief descriptions of each story:

The Best Pizza in Town
A new pizza shop has opened up in town and as the pizza boy for Mumbo Pizza, Toby notices his customers growing more and more obsessed with the pizza as more and more pounds pack onto their frames.

The Bulking Bunny
Ben is sick of his beefy tiger roommate pushing him around the apartment all the time. The bunny resolves to attend a bulking course and soon finds himself feeling stronger and more confident. Of course, with that strength came a little pudge, but he’d just work that off later, right?

A Bigger and Better Office
In an effort to bring his small startup technology company to the next level, Benjamin Wilson decides to trail test Timiko’s latest wearable technology; it’s a win-win scenario. He can get in nice and cozy with one of the biggest companies in the world and he can get his entire office into better shape. Of course, round is a shape too.

Midnight Feasts
Andy, an ambitious corporate wolf, bumps into a shaman on the sidewalk and while he brushes off the incident almost immediately, the shaman doesn’t, and soon his supernatural influences start to infiltrate Andy’s nighttime activities with some hefty results.

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